For Traveling in Japan

For Traveling in Japan

Ideal book to carry while you travel around Japan or study before you come.

Over 25 Topics

Over 25 Topics

There are over 25 insghtful topics covered in this book. From day-to-day situations and state of emergency.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver worldwide to over 40 countries! (Please note that the shipping can takes up 2 weeks)

What kind of topics are covered in this book?

Here are some of the topics which are covered in the book. These topics were chosen with insights from our Japanese Language teachers. We asked them what were the topics which were important to know and commonly asked by students living in Japan. We hope to hear more of what you wish you to learn as well!

Japanese Alphabets

How to read and recognise Hiragana and Katakana; the two main Japanese alphabets used, as well as the Kanji characters.

Numbers & Money

How to count from 1 to 10,000, and learn the Japanese currencies available.

Calendar & Time

How to read time and talk about your schedule by being able to recognise the dates, days, week and months.

Restaurant and Ordering

Asking if there are seats available at the restaurant, talking about your diet and what you can/cannot eat.

Positions & Demonstratives

Knowing how to talk about positions and simple demonstratives to explain where the objects are placed.

Accident & Medical care

To be able to explain what accident you got into and asking for the medical assistance needed. As well as being able to say the different body parts.

Our message to you!

Thank you very much for considering to purchasing my #ValiantJapanese Vol 1. We are a bunch of enthusiasts and influencers on social media who wishes to introduce Japanese language in a cute (kawaii) and helpful way. We hope this book can be accompanied during your travel in Japan or even as preparation. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing your encounters online!

  • Contents created by Japanese Language School teachers
  • Easy to carry around
  • Preparation before traveling to Japan
  • Simple phrases to use and easy to pick-up
Our message to you!



Masahisa Miwa

Valiant Language School Director

We are a Japanese language school located in the Roppongi area of Tokyo. Our school welcomes you with a calm, reclining atmosphere of the student lobby, a great place to relax with a cup of tea and chat with study partners. At Valiant Language School, our lessons are concentrated to bring out the best results within a short period of time. The school offers courses from beginners to business professionals and is an ideal choice for those that wish to acquire language that they can use in the life they are leading in Tokyo. The teaching staff is friendly, attentive and insightful, employing years of teaching experience to ensure that students improve at the best rate. Our Japanese Language School in Tokyo can fulfil all your Japanese language learning needs.