4 Hours Private Online Japanese Lessons (+Bonus hours )

Anytime, anywhere

Study Japanese online using modernized Zoom platform (free to sign up). With a PC/Tablet and Internet access, you can study Japanese anytime, anywhere. Finally an effortless way to study Japanese for those who don’t have a Japanese school nearby or who don’t have the time to go.

Private lessons

The private lessons are aimed to teach business conversation, day-to-day conversation, keigo, hiragana, katakana, kanji characters and more. We will tailor the lesson contents to suit your particular needs. We will have a set curriculum with digital content to conduct the course. We will make sure we assess and know the student's level of understanding in Japanese and make sure it satisfies the student's goals and make best possible results. An interview is done with the student at the beginning to find out their level of Japanese and what they would like to achieve, then a suitable schedule will be set up.

Study material

Our beginner level study materials are based on Minna No Nihongo for beginners up to intermediate level. Contents have been carefully put together by our teachers for conducting the lessons on tablet so as to avoid much of the physical blackboard. Powerpoint data have been made for an effective study experience online. We will also be using our "My #ValiantJapanese Vol.1" book also in the lesson, if you have purchased before, you will be able to use it in the lessons.

The students signed up will be shared all of the study content files and therefore remotely able to attend lessons with the requisite study materials. 


Courses Offered

Basic Introductory Japanese Course: N5

Japanese Conversation for higher beginner: N5

Lower intermediate Japanese: N4

Intermediate Japanese: N3

Business Japanese

Special Offer

For anyone signing up before May 31 2020, we will be offering 2 extra bonus hours as a promotional campaign!

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