Book Title - "Super Real Japanese."

Published by KADOKAWA

Written by Valiant Japanese Language School.

If you've been studying or speaking Japanese for awhile, you may have noticed that the Japanese language used in textbooks and classrooms can be quite different from the language spoken by native Japanese speakers in everyday situations. This is where "Super Real Japanese," a newly published book by Valiant Japanese Language School, can come in handy.

"Super Real Japanese" is a 208-page book that compiles a wide range of practical Japanese phrases and expressions commonly used by native speakers. Unlike traditional textbooks, this book focuses on everyday language that is often omitted from formal language education, such as slang, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms.

The book is organized thematically, with chapters covering topics such as greetings, food and drink, transportation, and dating. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the topic and is followed by a series of related phrases and vocabulary with accompanying translations, and explanations,. The book also includes cultural terminlogies and tips to help readers understand the context and nuances of each phrase.

One of the strengths of "Super Real Japanese" is its emphasis on practicality. The phrases and expressions included in the book are all ones that are commonly used in everyday situations, making them immediately applicable for anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate with Japanese speakers.



6 Chapters / 205 Pages

Topics such as:

Real emotions

Fun feelings

Relaxed feelings

Being thankful



Feeling perplexed

Showing laziness

Feeling motivated

Feeling impressed

Positive responses

Surprised responses

Conveying discontent


Stimulating conversation






Changing the topic

Accepting an invitation

Declining an invitation

Words that connect sentences


This book comes with recordings of a native Japanese speaker reading out the expressions plus the English voice. Please pay attention to the warning notes and proceed to download for free from the link below:


By accessing the URL above, you can download the "mp3" format audio files. Please press the download button for "SUPER REAL Japanese.”


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